Colour of the Week

Colour: Sparitual, Epicurean (old colour)

This was the time when I wanted to do a lovely green shade (which I’m painting on in a few minutes), but realized that we have a thesis defense coming up, and need to look as presentable, decent, polished etc. as possible. So, you couldn’t possibly go wrong with a dark shade that doesn’t scream for attention, and makes your skin look a tad whiter. 😀

Sparitual, in my opinion, has one of the best formulas of nail polish out there. It can easily compete with OPI, Essie, Zoya and the like  without breaking the bank. In every Sparitual polish I own (with the exception of this), the polish always went on smoothly, never thick or runny, feeling and looking like a dream. For my “decent and polished” look, I decided to go with another old favorite, Epicurean.

I’m a person scared of red polish, so I got Epicurean – a dark burgundy wine-y colour with fine shimmer. The shimmer doesn’t look tacky and gives a nice nuance to the colour, which I appreciate. Epicurean goes on scary red on the first coat, which always scares me, but turns into the true-to-bottle colour by the second coat.

In natural light

Indoors, artificial light

How do you like it? 🙂

Sparitual polishes have excellent wear, and this manicure was no less different: it wore for five days, two days of swimming (very bad for manicures, FYI) included, before one finger got a tiny chip and I got all OC and wiped the whole thing out. It showed only tip wear on those five days, which impressed me immensely.


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