Movie Time: May 2012

May 2012 is proving to be a great month for movies! Add to that the fact that the movie theater near school is offering tickets to us students for 10-20 RMB (around 60-120 pesos) which, in China, is a deal. Haha! Movies, here we go!

I’m not the artsy type who watches those deep movies, I’m more of the mainstream type. So you can guess which flicks I liked the most! 😀

Surefire crowd-pleaser na ito.  The action’s kinda few compared to the previous MIB flicks, but it doesn’t mean that the movie is any less worth watching! All I can say is, there are parts that are nothing like you’ve seen before. And oh, those who tear up easily may want to watch out. :p Hmmm.

OF COURSE!! HOW COULD THIS BE OUT OF THE LIST?! ROBERT DOWNEY JR.! CHRIS HEMWORTH! CHRIS EVANS! JEREMY RENNER and more! How could you not love this movie? The Avengers has it all: hot dudes (okay, and Scarlett Johannson), plenty of action, snappy one-liners, all the humor and excitement. I don’t care what the critics say about this being too much a crowd-pleaser, Marvel def needs to push through with Avengers 2! 😀

What other movies did you like this May?


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