How Life Is Going

I know there’s been a blog lull lately, but so many exciting things (and purchases, LOL) have happened in the past few days, so stay posted! πŸ˜€ Meanwhile, my life – nothing new, but also nothing short of amazing, thanks to Him!

I bought Goody’s Spin Pins and Pony Pouf after getting tired of all the hype from several bloggers and mavens. Turns out, either my hair is too thick for these things, or I still haven’t figured out the correct way yet. Out of a dozen tries, the Spin Pins worked only once on my hair, and the bun stayed for about 5 minutes. 😐 Rarrr.

This, however, did not disappoint. A hand-me-down for my mom, this surprised me in the fact that it removes makeup so effortlessly. Basically, it’s makeup remover + cleanser in one, perfect for those days where I’m too lazy to go the whole two steps!

If you go to Guangzhou and for some reason get bored, the Chimelong park (ι•Ώιš† we call it, not really sure of the full name) is good for you. It’s mainly an amusement park with terror roller coasters and this amazing live action performance with hot foreigners LOL (above), but it also has a water park and animal zoo for those too terrified of adrenaline, like me. Students get a teeny discount, but better than nothing, I guess!

CHEESE! My heart almost stopped when I saw this at our local Jusco supermarket. Caesar dressing (favorite dressing ever) with cheese?! I’LL TAKE IT! Now, my take-away lunches or anything else fried (because no, I’m not a salad person) are made better with this thing. Aylovhet.

Of course, some cute band-aids to save the day! I first bought the Subway bands on a trip to Xiamen last year – small and insignificant, but totally captured my heart. CUTEST BAND-AIDS EVER! Okay, maybe not. But when I ran out of them, internet shopping saved the day – and bought some more cute friends with them! YAY! Life saved! Okay, maybe not.

Something very exciting coming tomorrow, I can’t wait to post! πŸ˜€


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