Pin of the Day

What I love about Pinterest, among others, is that you get to learn a lot of stuff that make you go, “oh, why didn’t I think of that?” But wait. Best thing is that you don’t need to visit a million sites just to get to them, they’re all in one place for you to select and repin! ILAVHET!

Recently, what I’ve been finding really helpful are the tips just for everything else in life. I repinned these from other people onto my board Tip of the Day. Enjoy!

This is for the people more involved with their housing – if you do have a fence (something quite rare in the Philippines, really), you can put some holes in there for light to go through. But wait, there’s more! (HAHA) Put marbles inside those holes so light comes through in different colors. 🙂 Pretty!

Now this spoke to my heart, being a sucker for journals and organizers and stuff. For those who have mounds of colored tape in your arsenal (like meeee), you can actually use them to mark certain events (most probably those that run for a few days) in your planner/calendar. Amaaazing! Looks cute, too.

Now we come to the food portion! I know this first-hand because mom usually makes pancakes for breakfast during Sunday mornings. But ohhh is the batter a pain to clean up or what? This not only makes use of old bottles, but makes the whole process mess-free, too!

For those who love entertaining and always bring out the drinks for guests, this is one pretty time-saving tip. While freezing the water or whatever else in, you can directly add stuff like lemon slices, so that you don’t need to add them again while preparing the drinks. Just freeze and drop in! 🙂

Finally, something for fasyown! Haha! These color-tipped pumps are all the range right now, but if you don’t have the moolah to buy a trendy pair, or have a pair of unused pumps lying around, then you can do this! Customizable to your own preference pa! Now what’s not to love?

Seriously, I think I’m falling in love with Pinterest all over again. *goes back to crazy repinning mode*

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