La Familia

If you’re basically done with thesis, and are controlling yourself from going out too much because it’s bad for ze wallet, then you have absolute boredom in the dormitory. The favorite hobby of us graduating students these days is going down memory lane – including those horrible pictures from first/second year, which I’m preparing a post for you soon! Lovely lovely, muahaha.

Anyway. While going through those pictures, I also stumbled upon certain pictures of my family. Gosh, God knows I miss them.

If you’re the man of the house, you get up early and sleep late. So these afternoon naps are dad’s treasured moments. 😀

How a day in the office with my mom looks like. If she’s not too stressed, she sneaks in some funny conversation to lighten up the workplace – as any decent workplace should be! 😀

Finally, my brother – who although I would have loved to kill at times, is just another one of God’s best creations. Looking at pictures like this help remind me that he’s a good person underneath his inability to express himself. I can’t believe he just turned 18 on the 7th – time flies.


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