Taikoo Hui Guangzhou 太古汇

You’ll have to believe me when I say Taikoo Hui (Guangzhou) is posh. I haven’t been to Greenbelt 5 in the Philippines, but I’m imagining this is what it’ll be like – a mall full of the high-end designer brands in the fashion market, the big boys (and girls). Hell, even Badgley Mischka was there. My camera decided to give up on me indoors, so all I got was this, outside the (Prada? Ferragamo?) store:

And, FYI, pictures aren’t allowed inside. So no photographing with the Louis Vuitton store with the crazy evil-eyed gatekeeper! Sosyal. We just hurled our asses off to Uniqlo to comfort ourselves in the fact that we wouldn’t be having any Versace bags soon.

Since we couldn’t afford all those Chanel chuva (let alone dare to go inside), we just decided to eat. Thankfully, their Food Republic area wasn’t as out of reach as their boutiques! 😀 It’s designed like the food courts common in Manila malls (but posher, of course), with a wide variety of eats that’s sure to satisfy everyone. Before entering, you need to buy their card (above) with an amount of your choice inside and ¥10 as deposit. Don’t worry – when you’re done eating, you can return the card and get the 10 yuan plus the remaining money inside as a refund. Easy and hassle-free!

My beautiful date, Hong Yao 🙂

We were planning to get Pepper Lunch when we saw a stall with””omelette rice”. I fell for it and thought that it was actual rice inside the omelette and stuff like that, but it’s just on top. 😀 Haha! Their chicken meal was absolutely good, nevertheless, and was plenty enough to satisfy.

Being an onion ring addict, I usually get my fix from Burger King. However, these cost the same and are waaay bigger. Ahhh heaven! I just might go back to Taikoo Hui just for this.

The other highlight of our Taikoo Hui trip was the not-so-little grocery called Olé. What’s special about it is that about 90% of its goods are imported: I hardly saw any Chinese goods while we were there. Meaning, if you’re in GZ and want to find your favorite Italian dressings, French cookies, American drinks and whatever, this is the place to be.

Gladly! 😀 It was here that I ate some dried plums which reminded me of what my mom used to give me when I was young. Speaking of that…

Nesquik in the last decade? Check. Bega and other cheese stick snacks in the last decade? Check. I’m not being dramatic or anything, but these, among others, just took me on instant time travel. I haven’t seen these stuff on normal supermarkets for years, so it was that otherworldly feeling for me.

At the end of the day, I bought something simpler, that still reminded me of my childhood and which I haven’t had in a while – lychee jelly! 🙂


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