A Coconut Is Not a Nut

Sorry, can’t help LSS-ing. 😀 Anyway, my favorite little furball of a hammie, Coconut! (Continuation of this.)

LOOK AT HIM! THOSE EYES! Isn’t she such a cutie pie? She’s usually thinner than Pudding, but thankfully nowadays she’s looking a little rounder. 😉

Coconut absolutely hates running in the ball, unlike Pudding. She’s such a lazy ball of fur! If you do try to make her exercise and put her in the ball, the ball won’t move. At all. But put outside the cage, she does love running around. Pretty hard to catch, though, as she’s pretty good at evading humans!

I can’t believe I have fewer photos of my favorite Coconut, but that’s because she’s really shy. She rarely sleeps outside, often inside the occasional tissue roll. Oftentimes, she also doesn’t like getting picked up, but I still do anyway. HAHAHA.

I can’t believe I don’t have as much photos of this little guy (oops, girl) as Pudding does! Unabashed favoritism here!


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