Coconut & Pudding, Part Deux

Our hamsters are a few days shy of completing one month with us! (They survived. Whew.) Coconut and Pudding have definitely grown fatter, taken a slow but sure liking to Eden Cheese, and showed us more of their individual personalities. Yes, hammies have personalities too. 🙂Fatter, yes? (See this for comparison) Thank God for pictures, it really helps you keep track of something that you don’t notice just because you see something everyday.

I took so many photos of them the past few days, this post would be photo-clogged if I put them together. So today, we start with Karine’s baby (she loves getting a belly rub – CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD!) and the hammie I have a love-hate relationship with, Pudding.

One thing about Pudding: she was the fatter one when I took this photos 2 days ago, but she’s also the one who loves to move around and get some exercise. Stark, stark contrast to Coconut who is a lazy ball of fur. Anyway, Pudding loves her some running around…

…in a ball, of course. The girl is naughty, as in naughty. One time she rolled into our restroom, then a few moments later my roommate discovered her missing. She got out of the freaking ball!

Pudding also has the more interesting sleeping habits. Now these pictures are not too good because it’s like a silent paparazzi shot with my Blackberry, but well. She loves leaning into things, like above, or curling into a ball, like this:

FINALLY. The thing that drives me nuts, especially if I’ve just newly taped their water bottle (don’t ask me why, we just got one that leaks so we have to tape the thing). PUDDING HAS DISCOVERED THE JOY OF ESCAPING THE COOP. Seriously. She has these moments every day where she literally turns into crazy hyper hammie and goes all-Spiderman through the whole cage. (Yes, she can hang from the roof now.) All for the joy of escaping. Or maybe she just loves exercise like that? Maybe I’ll know after a few more weeks.

Coconut next time!


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