Graduation Pictorial – This Is It!

Aside from a few laminated copies of the final pictures, we got a mini CD containing those official pictures. Not bad for 60 RMB! Other photos from Sheena and Mary 🙂

By the way, although you may not see our faces anyway: second row, leftmost side. Not that hard to find, huh. :p

Spot the poker face! (Hint: fourth row) There’s always one every year. Now here come the outtakes!

This was the last shot, I think before we all scrambled to get into the shade. Can you believe that it rained on our big day? As in big, pouring, blasting rain. I think the heavens finally got their revenge on us – the batch most notorious for absences and stuff.

Former roommates (not including the guy, of course), always friends. So many memories with you girls! ❤

That cliché about dancing in the rain chuchu? I’d use it here if only I could recall it. HAHA. They had fun! The fear of mascara running down my face (note to self: need waterproof mascara) was the only thing that held me back.

SO UNFAIR! Why grab me when I’m not wearing heels? And my tie makes me all grrrr and grab the screen to fix it. Anyway. This, among many other pictures, will make me all nostalgic once I’m back in the Philippines, away from all the awesome people I’ve met here in Guangzhou! 😦 To quote another cliché, parting is such sweet (?) sorrow. Honestly, I’m still not prepared for that last day of farewells and goodbyes. Le sigh.


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