Graduation Pictorial, BTS


1) I don’t have all the photos yet.

2) Our proxy is sucking like crazy these past few days, making even opening Facebook difficult.

3) I’m just too lazy right now. Having nothing to do makes you laaaaaaaazy.

I hate how messy the table gets after the whole process of dressing up for something big, like graduation pictorials, is done. Clothes, makeup, drinks, hamsters – oh my. Speaking of hamsters, I’ll be posting an update on them soon! Life with them is like getting married – that sounds weird, but only a few understand. 😀

Doesn’t my roomie Nia look like a high school girl getting ready for school? I’ve always wondered how those schools that make their students wear blazers take the heat.

We were joking among ourselves that before the pictorial, we’d have to buy flowers for ourselves and pay someone else to give it to us. HAHA! Luckily, we didn’t have to do that. 😉



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