Lomography, Guangzhou

I can’t and don’t claim to know anything about the phenomenon called lomography (lomo for short). All I know are two things: I have friends who are pretty darn good at the thing, and the photos come out gorgeous. Of course, it makes you think of the irony of why we want “old” photos when we have the newest technology right now. Our grandfathers must be laughing their heads off in their graves.

Anyway, while walking around Beijing Lu for shopping (same place where I got this), we stumbled across a beautifully lighted little store – Lomography! Looking at these pictures and getting to experience the place, I then understood: good lighting makes you want to buy a lot of things, most of which you never thought you “needed”!

HELLO CAMERAS! Obviously I’m not an expert at them, but I’ve heard of some like the Diana and Sardinia. All I can say: coolio.

Adorable Sardinias! Now that I keep repeating it, they do look like sardine cans. Maybe that’s the whole point and I’m the only one who doesn’t know.

Lighting, people. Lighting. Of course, we all know how expensive Lomo can be as a hobby, so I didn’t bother to dream further. 😐

All kidding aside, the place is truly inspiring. I’m no photographer, much less a pro, but I learned a lot just by looking at everything around. Plus, it’s cozy in there, so… πŸ˜€


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