How Life Is Going

All from my antiquated Blackberry, to round off April. Can I just say, I think I’ve been blog-absent more than I’ve actually blogged for this month? Blaming our school’s cuhr-ray-zee internet, but hopefully it gets better from today on. There’s still lots of online shopping to be done, for one! LOL.

This is the color I have on. Long live Sparitual and their nudes!

Since we moved into our new dormitory last month, our trips to McDonald’s have reduced drastically – which isn’t a bad thing at all! I think I just heard my body breathe a sigh of relief. But yes, we pay visits from time to time, and try stuff like this spinach wrap with chicken. Delish, but warning for the braces tribe: not so good for the braces.

Our hammies are now two weeks old, but this was taken when they finished their first week with us. We think they got a little rounder! 🙂 K and I are devoted mommas, talking to them everyday. And they actually have personalities, yes they do! Not to mention, our tissue paper rolls don’t get wasted nowadays. 😉

After two posts about my birthday, the last thing I expected was to find ANOTHER GIFT. But yeah, I climbed on top of my bed and found this little plushie dog. Now, you may think that it’s just another stuffed toy, just another doggie, and yes, normally that’s how I feel about stuffed toys (a.k.a. easy birthday gifts). But the meaning behind this is, I actually have a 2-year-old giant dog (the one with the blue shirt behind it) that ze special someone gave for my 19th birthday. Imagine me holding a giant dog as big as me after calligraphy class – okay, but you get the point. Never, never would I have thought that someone would think of giving me a “follow-up”, but my lovely classmates/girlfriends did! This is supposed to be the “daughter”, so okay! More plushiness in the house! ❤

Don’t you just love it when you get gifts that were actually well thought-out? 🙂


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