Colour of the Week

Or should I say, colours? 😀

Crude, yes, was my first attempt at two colours in one manicure. Anyone who knows me since I started falling in love with nail polish knows that I’m a purist at heart, strictly sticking to one colour per manicure, getting kinda turned off by gimmicks like glitter and painted-on stripes, and feeling kinda disgusted at the Asian way they call nail art. You know, with the extra-long nails and flowers and everything. ANYWAY. After reading numerous beauty blogs and discovering the numerous subtle ways to change up your mani (not to mention they all look gorgeous), I finally caved in and took a tiny step with two colors – black and steel.

The photo don’t really capture the true colors – but then again, what’s new? 😐

Left is BW705, right is GR901. Both shades were, as typical of Skin Food polishes, very easy to work with – they go on smooth on the nail, and the consistency is thin but still giving opaque color. For someone who hates thick, globby polishes, this is a dream to work with.

With one coat of Skin Food’s clear blue topcoat (don’t ask me why it’s blue), I got about five days of total wear, which is pretty impressive for something as cheap as this. Tip wear started showing up at the second day, which is kinda expected. But tip wear remained tip wear and didn’t chip until the fifth day, where I couldn’t take having a tiny chip on one nail and took the whole thing off. Yes, I’m OC like that. But anyway. In short, if you’re new to polish and want to start out, try Skin Food! They have tons of shades available, and they’re pretty affordable. 🙂 Good enough for you to play around with!


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