Them Beautiful Girls

What to do when class gets boring?

1. Find something worthy to take a picture with – as demonstrated here, moldy plastic fruits can be an example.

2. Talk to the people in front, beside, and behind you!

3. Find an interesting seatmate – the time will fly by.

4. Bring along your laptop or any other work you have to do. Two birds with one stone! Not only are you present for attendance, you get the job done as well.

5. Talk to the teacher, crack jokes, make him/her happy. The risk with this is, however, that you get remembered by the teacher, which is not always the best thing when it comes to attendance. Haha!

6. Play games! Preferably the ones which take little actions and look like you’re copying what the teacher’s saying/writing. One game (which is so much better in Chinese) is to let your friend guess someone else’s name through drawings that sound the same as that person’s name. Or you can go straight to the point through Pictionary, like this drawing we had of one of our professors. Only a select group of people would know who this is! Haha!

Yeah, we have classes now, the special kind, but we’re not exactly complaining. You know you can’t get students to go to “special classes” they don’t have to go to if there’s nothing in it for them! 😀 That’s all I’m gonna say.



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