Holiday 夏绿蒂

I am officially hating on the proxy right now. Why does China have to ban so. many. websites?! Anyway.

Another delayed post, this time about a place that every student in Guangzhou has to go to. Student means, read: delicious, affordable, and easy to find. 夏绿蒂, or Holiday, is a place selling Taiwanese food that we discovered courtesy of our seniors. Then we passed it on to the next batch, then to the next…


Their appetizers are quite limited, but you have to try the cheese dumplings. Have to!

Two amazingly funny people.

Ze specialty of the house – chicken fillet with honey cheese sauce. At 17 yuan a meal (the full set above, about below P120), you can see how it’s definitely affordable. Out of the millions of times I’ve been there, there was only one instance where I finished the whole thing. And the rice with meat sauce is love!

They really should pay me for the advertising. Haha!

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