Want Some Coconut with Your Pudding?

LOL. Best title I can think of after a whole day of classes! 😀

ANYWAY. I mentioned in my previous post that we got hammies in the house, partly as a birthday gift for myself. K and I planned on getting only one and naming him/her Coconut, but what we found online (yes, online) was a whole set, including a pair. So we just got the pair, and randomly decided to name the other Pudding. No touching background story there!

And yes, we bought them online. We took our love for online shopping to the next level by buying something actually alive. It started quite innocently when we wanted to know if truly everything was available on Taobao (China’s largest online mall), and so we searched for hamsters. Lo and behold, there they were with the guinea pigs, rabbits and whatnot. After a year of that innocent search, who knew that we would actually go through with it? End of story.

(OKAY, SERIOUSLY. This was supposed to be for Friday, but since then the Internet proxy has been messing with me. Proxy problems!)

Thank the heavens above, Coconut & Pudding didn’t end up like other unlucky buyers’ hamsters and arrived safe & alive after 3 days of land transportation!

You may recognize this from the previous post. This was taken literally moments after receiving and opening the HUGE package containing them! So. much. CUTENESS!

At first we got worried that we weren’t gonna be able to distinguish them, because they had the same color and were both females. However, we soon found out that Coconut (below) had bigger cutie-pie eyes and had a slight brown stripe down the back, while Pudding (above) had purer color, smaller eyes, and rounder body. Boing!

They have quite the number of fans. Note: those with boobs, they especially like, because hamsters love soft and warm places. 😉 Heehee.

Who moved my cheese?!

With their godmother, Sheena aka Peach’s mama!

I love it when I see them hammies cleaning themselves up like this. Gets me all excited. CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD!!

The sweeties when they sleep – they like this position, or one sometimes goes on top of the other. Eat, sleep, play with the occasional tissue roll is their life – didn’t buy a wheel at first because K and I wanted them to grow as fat as possible. LOL! After reading a few articles, though, hamsters may suffer from lack of exercise, so a wheel might just be in the future. 🙂

You’ll be seeing more of these cuties soon! We’ll see if at 21, I’m a better hamster owner than when I was 12. (Read: hamsters falling to their death from a balcony.)


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