Last GZ Birthday – Extras

Gifts aren’t everything, serving only as extra embellishments to an already special day. At the end of the day, they don’t matter, but you find out that what’s always remembered are the people, their efforts, and the time they spent with you.

CHOS. Haha! But it’s true.

Behold, the promised part 2 highlights of this day:

A sweet handwritten note from one of my classmates. Sure I love getting stuff (who doesn’t?), but I’ll take a note from the heart over those stuff any time. They hold so much more meaning.

Krispy Kreme straight from the Philippines = long story. Thanks, Sheena! 🙂

From my Blackberry: lunch with him. He knows that I love the Korean restaurant near school, so voila! Birthdays give you an extra excuse to scarf down the extra fat. 😀

Upon getting home from class, I got this on my table, among others:

Karine knows I love online shopping and getting stuff from the delivery man (aka kuaidi in Chinese), so this was really funny! Funnier was the handwritten note, which was plain cheeseballs. 😀 Nonetheless, I loved every part of it so much. Looky what I got!

Forgive the lighting. Anyway, I got two watches!!! K knows that I was on the hunt for watches, not owning any, and I was plain touched. Cheeseballs. But yes, touched. I LOVE YOUUUU K!!! ❤

And oh yes, there was this one (yay note!) featuring a game we play whenever we’re bored in class, word association. Try it! 🙂

Finally, being the shopping-crazy person that I am, I just had to buy a gift for myself. (Make that gifts, along with the hoarded clothes etc.) K and I missed the old hamster that Sheena used to have, and except for thesis we had nothing much to do anyway. So we decided to buy hamsters! These are no ordinary hammies, though – you’ll know why in a future post. SOON! 😀 (cliffhanger! HAHA)


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