Colour of the Week

Well, technically, these were the nails for last week. I am that delayed. But anyway, as an excuse, I’m reusing an old color for this week anyway! šŸ˜€

HOWEVER, if there’s one thing you should know, it’s this: American Apparel Nail Lacquers are awesome. Not out of this world, as upon reading the ingredients I discovered it had formaldehyde (gasp). However, the neon factor was enough to compel me to buy it! So how did it do on me?

Thing to think about, it looks huge in pictures. My fault of not thinking about what you would do with a giant bottle of nail polish before it eventually dries out. It’s so teeny tiny, but goes at 15ml. When I got to use it for the first time, that was the time I realized that it would take quite a while before I actually finish the bottle. Here’s how it looks on an image from Lipglossiping, one of my favorite beauty blogs everrrr!

So yeah, the whole line of neons s actually gorgeous. Don’t really have the moolah yet for all of them (am eyeing the green and coral) but well. Let’s get back to the point.

This was taken while it wasn’t super clean yet, and all inside my room – totally didn’t have the time to do a shot outside in natural light. Next time! If you notice (even with the sucky quality), I didn’t put on a topcoat yet. The thing about this neon yellow by AA is that it goes on kinda matte. Not fully matte, but feels like matte. It was my first time to experience this, so I couldn’t stop touching my nails. I almost forgoed the idea of topcoat, but with two coats (yes, easy application there), it didn’t look like it will survive another day without topcoat. So enough rambling there. Here’s another picture I took with my ancient Blackberry:

This is another picture which I got off another blogger, Mademoiselle Lala. This was exactly how my nails looked every time.

I mean, man are they bright or what. Unlike nudes and pastels which I also go for, this is hard to miss. Even while standing in class, my nails would get noticed all the time. I couldn’t stop staring at them myself, they’re so pretty!

Yay! This means improvement on my backlog! My thesis’s first draft is still with my teacher, so for these few days, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about! šŸ™‚ If life gets a little freer, enjoy it.


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