Sequin Time

The last of my 2-weeks-ago backlog before I get working on my 1-week-ago backlog. Here we go!

One of my mom’s friends gave me a batch of dresses shortly before I was set to leave for GZ. Yes, it has been that long. But anyway, they were all lovely (praise God for people bearing gifts! :D), and the highlight was that I finally got a sequin dress. YAY! I am a HUGE fan of sequins, and will buy anything fully sequined (well, almost anything) in a heartbeat. Clothes, accessories, shoes – you get the point.

The actual dress I got. Because I just love dresses like this so much, let’s do some window shopping! Beauty for your eyes, without the heartbreaking price. All of these are hopelessly beyond my reach. Shelling out $50 is  torture enough for me, what more these babies? (All photos from Polyvore.)

TFNC dressASOS Tfnc bandeau sweetheart sequin dress, $91. Classic silhouettes like this always get me bad!
ASOS Motel Gabby sequin dress, approx. $105. Good for those cooler nights. 🙂
BCBG Max Azria black sequined strapless tiered dress, $169.99. This is nice without going all full sequins in your face.
Topshop dress

Topshop sequin long sleeve dress, $320. I love the cut-out detail on the back, not loving the increasing prices as we go on…

Rachel Gilbert dress

Rachel Gilbert Philipa (first time to hear of her) embellished chiffon mini dress, $412. The design’s interesting, but I can imagine it being really flattering when paired with killer heels.

Collette Dinnigan antique silver sequined dress, approx. $2,300. Here we are at the thousands! GASP. But it’s equally breathtakingly beautiful, no? This is vintage I would wear.

KaufmanFranco gown

Kaufman Franco sequin embellished silk gown, $7,995. OH DI BA, BONGGA NG PRICE. Heart-attack-inducing. I can’t imagine myself wearing this just right now (obviously), but this would be the gown that if worn by my favorite actress or model on the red carpet, would make me go, “wow, I want to wear that too.”

Yes, I have a love affair with sequins, and I hope I don’t go showgirl soon. As is with food, work/study and boys, moderation is key! 🙂


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