The Jologs Duo Invade Newport Mall

I swear, if you put my dad and I together, we’re the most jologs team in the world. (Now this I can’t translate. How creative is the Philippine language?) (And no, trying Google Translate won’t help.)I mean, come on, this is the dad who wears Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga and Valentino on a daily basis, but never looks like it. Now I mean that in the most loving way, because on the other hand, I am the type who always get put into sosyal (read classy + expensive) places and situations but always messes something up. So we’re def the perfect team.

But seriously, I love my dad. ❤ Just posting this and being reminded of the time we had together serves as a great reminder of just how much God has blessed me – starting with awesome parents.

The day I was to fly back to Guangzhou, Dad drove me all the way to Manila and took me on a date for the day, as we won’t be having dates any time soon. We decided to go somewhere we haven’t been before, and that was Resorts World Manila, a place with hotels, malls and the like designed to attract tourists fresh off the airport who seek some relaxation and entertainment. It’s really near the airport, so the choice was perfect. This was on the 2nd, so read – DELAYED POST! Anyway.

Off the jologs went!

I LOVE Resorts World Manila and everything inside it. Newport Mall, the mall inside it, was breezy and very well-lit thanks to the clear roof. There was this lobby-like spot in the center which was perfect for lounging around, especially with stores like UCC and Starbucks nearby. In these shots, behind me was Republiq – the club for the über chic people and everything. Not exactly my thing, though!

Up next: let’s play Spot the Daddy Posing as an Innocent Bystander!

After strolling around the gorgeous mall (gosh I love clean, simple malls), we decided to have lunch at Stackers Burger Café, located at the 4th floor. Nothing too frilly for us jologs!

What was really obvious upon entering the place was how many employees of different stores in the mall ate here. From the looks of it, this is one of their regular haunts. Can’t blame them – the prices here were surprisingly very affordable! As in if you really sat down and thought about it, so much of the food is so much more worth it than, say, McDonald’s. For the same price!

Okay, so if there’s something you have to try, it’s the fries aka Shakers. IT’S SO GOOOOD! And the servings are so big! And the price is so affordable! It’s like getting twice of McDo or Jollibee for the same price. Crazy, I know.

Dad and I decided to share our burgers: top is the House Burger, if I’m not mistaken, which is basically TLC plus bacon. Bottom is the Pepper chuchu Burger, which had pepper sauce, mushrooms and crisps on top. Both burgers were not huge like how the newest burger stores do it, but halfway through both Dad and I were already pretty full. Maybe it’s the bread. Maybe it’s the thick patty (which I love, by the way). I don’t know. But for below P200 each burger, this is another thing that doesn’t break the bank and gives you so much. This explains the employees! Haha!

After our big lunch (which felt a bit heavy on the stomach), we continued walking around Newport Mall. Not to mention that we made good use of their super clean, super bango CRs. Haha! Very important!

Would you go for these? I WON’T! I just find them so… weird.

Ze cheaper, balder, older but much more handsome version of Jackie Chan, premiering at Newport Cinemas. Haha!

Starbucks date, the norm. ❤ Nothing more relaxing than magazines and newspapers + your favorite drink + no conscience. HOWEVER, I hate how the Starbucks stores in GZ don’t carry Dark Mocha. And how is it more expensive in GZ?!

My super daddy. Thank you, Lord, for giving me a wonderful earthly father. I definitely couldn’t ask for more.

Spend some more time with your parents today! 🙂


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