Confessions of a Happy Shopaholic

Shopping is undeniably therapeutic, be it for fashion, beauty, home or anything else. Of course it goes without saying that proper management and plenty of discretion is equally necessary, but… it’s just so fun, especially for a girl like me. Ze latest online shopping conquests! (Hooray for online shopping in China!)

Never been a headband person, but these are starting to change my mind.

Okay, so the Sparitual (Idyllic) is an old buy, and the Bourjois in bleu whatever is my roomie’s. The best part of being off-duty from teaching is that you get to do manicures and pedicures again! Yay!

These are the new kids on the block! (L-R: Essie Ballet Slippers, Smokin’ Hot, Bobbing for Baubles, and the one I’m most excited for – American Apparel neon yellow polish!!! I was so excited, it immediately became my next mani – pictures coming soooon!

After I ran out of Marks & Spencer’s China Blue, I went hand cream-free for a few months and my hands just suffered. Without wanting to buy a dud, hesitation ran high between the popular ones like Crabtree & Evelyn – eventually, I got this wild rose one from the Body Shop. Note that it’s actually for mature skin (aka those around the upper 30s?), but I’m a deadset fan of rose scents, so this won. On my first time, it ran kinda oily on my skin and the scent was oh-so-strong, but it got better after a few days. Of course, the most important thing was that it healed all the dry spots in my skin. Yay!

Ze legendary Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 – I still use my old Burt’s Bees on the go as it’s more convenient, and this is the only bad thing I could think about for this Kiehl’s holy grail product. It’s not too convenient if you’re in a rush, but it makes lips softer than you can dream of. During my first time, I slathered it on before going to sleep (and looked like somebody who applies clear lip gloss every day before sleeping), and woke up with baby lips. On the right is Nyx’s jumbo eye pencil in Dark Brown, which I bought purely because I see it all the time on smoky eye tutorials on Pinterest, like below: (enjoy the Spanish! LOL)

Finally! My favorite find since Nyx! This Formula 10.0.6 mud mask (my roomie got the pink, strawberry one) just cost a little over $10, but I swear it’s worth every penny. It’s a mask that goes on light, but punches the daylights out of everything undesirable in your skin. Some people, like my roomie, may feel a little tingling – which I actually like, but never got to feel! Is that my face growing thick or what? 😮 Anyway, this orange version not only did wonders on my first try, but my skin actually felt refreshed after washing it off. I’m not joking, it’s exactly like how they write it. I AM ALL RAVES! Will post pictures about this soon, too. 🙂

Stop reading and GO SHOPPING! 😀


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