Hello, Goodbye, Baiyun International Airport

I swear, I’m super delayed with BACKLOG ever since arriving in Guangzhou! Serious catching-up to do on the next few days. ANYWAY.

My friend Karen and I were alighting from our Manila-Guangzhou flight and were cruising through the comfy interiors of Baiyun International Airport when she suddenly made a random, but totally-made-sense remark: it’s our last day in Baiyun. Probably our last time (in a long time), since our last flight out of Guangzhou will be through the Hong Kong Airport.

Then I thought, yeah, Baiyun’s just an airport, and it’s silly to be sentimental about an airport, really. BUT let me tell you that it’s the first airport to have held so much memories for me (yes, the Philippine’s very own NAIA doesn’t count), and I’m a mushy person like that.

I know people complain about airports all the time, but I’m seriously fine and comfy with Baiyun. I think it’s maintained pretty well.

Now this holds a lot of memories for me, the disgusting-slash-laughable kind. Moi, along with 7 of my fellow Filipinas, just landed in Guangzhou for the first time, ready to embark on our 4-year journey of studying abroad, away from home, in a country whose language we’re still struggling with. Seeing all the signs in Chinese and the drastically decreased amount of English made reality hit me like a hammer: we’re in China. Miles from the comfort zone known as the Philippines. Unlike before, there’s nothing I could do to escape this – I can’t run home, swim home, or latch onto a flying airplane to get home. That feeling of reality hitting you for the first time, it’s unexplainable.

Then while getting through this same walkalator (we call it that – am not sure of the official name?), nausea from the airplane suddenly hit me and I was ready to vomit, right on the spot. Sheer delicadeza and the desire to avoid losing face proved to be stronger than my bodily urges, however, and it stayed quite near the roof of my tongue. (Disgusting, I know.) I was by then frantically begging the friend near me to help me find a lavatory, and a few agonizing seconds passed before we saw one. Of course I rushed to it, only to run into a glass wall. GAAAAH. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE FRUSTRATION. The funny thing was, when we finally got to a CR, the vomiting feeling just vanished. How convenient (and irritating).

Anyway, that was my little history with Baiyun. From then on, I learned to rest and eat well before a flight, and always take the paper bag for motion discomfort with me when I get down. Experience is the best teacher.

This picture keeps refusing to upload properly. Baka natakot sa galit peg ng photo. Haha! (Was fooling around with camera settings here so quality was sucky.) Tank top from Bench Body, black skinny pants from Zara

So goodbye, Baiyun International Airport. I would love to add a “for now” to that last sentence as I’m not crossing out coming back to Guangzhou or any other nearby place in the future. But for now, it’s been nice meeting you. 🙂


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