Noki Nocs Savory House, Puerto Princesa

Okay, so after blogging about our trip to Puerto Princesa about a week ago, I realized there was something I forgot to put in. Personally, it’s not the most stellar experience of my life, but the fact that this place is special to quite a number of people from Puerto Princesa won anyway. Featuring: Noki Nocs!

Yeah, pretty wonky name which isn’t exactly my cup of tea. But, having said that, the place is now synonymous with some of the best halo-halo (Philippine summer snack – look it up!) in town.

Personally, the only thing I care for in halo-halo is the shaved ice, evaporated milk and leche flan. Okay, the pinipig too. But then, it wouldn’t be halo-halo, right? So I just took a spoonful of it. That spoonful was enough to tell me, however, why people love it. The ice is the finest I’ve ever had in my life, changing the sweetness that a normal halo-halo has. It’s that unexplainable. Of course, all the other ingredients like ube and kaong were there to stay, in hefty portions if I may add. I forgot the price of this, but it’s got to be affordable so that people keep coming back for it on a daily basis! It’s definitely the specialty of the house – which, on a random note, makes me all the more puzzled as to why the place is called Noki Nocs. Parang walang connect.

I instead had a “succulent” chocolate cake (their words, not mine) which was actually really creamy, but wore me out after a few bites. Guess I’m not really a cake person – just look at how creamy it is!



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