Delayed Post

I’m in Guangzhou already, so this is a late post. About a month ago we attended a celebratory dinner for one of my parents’ friend’s cousin who passed the Philippine board exam this year. We actually didn’t know that person at all, but we got invited anyway! The irony of enjoying free food courtesy of someone you don’t know. Has it ever happened to you?No, I’m not endorsing this (though I wish I could endorse something! Haha!). Just like how this turned out with my very, very amateur-slash-wannabe photography.

Now this, I recommend. Hacienda Inn has some of the best food in town (Lucena City and another nearby city), and it’s been around for the longest time. The quality of the food, however, hasn’t changed and continues to be delicious as ever. Make a point to visit if you ever end up, for some weird reason, in the remote city called Lucena. Haha!

I almost forgot to include this. Most Filipinos, though not all, love having beer at festive eat-all-you-can events like this. All the beer drinkers get together in another table and chat, sing, roar, toast the night away. I love how this man’s face was randomly captured! Yeahh, that thing you were talking about must have been really disgusting.

Dan of the Day! I haven’t posted about him in quite some time – this is how he looks after he’s had a full, good meal. One of the little things that makes him happy. 🙂

Thank you, Lord, for the good food you give us everyday!


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