Chevron Everywhere

Yes, I learned a new word today = chevron! Of course I looked up Webster for this, but ironically they don’t have the word! Second option = Wikipedia. According to good ol’ W, chevron (also spelled cheveron, is an inverted V-shaped pattern often used as an insignia for stuff like flags.

Ironic that what was originally intended for use in flags and stuff, was actually introduced to me through – you guess it – fashion. Sigh. The fashion world nga naman. Comments aside, I’ve been seeing some excellent examples of how chevron (yes, it kinda gets weird if you say it again and again) is used, both in the fashion world and out of it, all thanks to Pinterest.

Let’s start with the simple – accessories. Rings, necklaces, earrings and whatnot have all jumped into the chevron bandwagon. I ACTUALLY LOVE THESE RINGS. The person who pinned this didn’t cite the exact website, so I can’t cite any here right now.

Now, this is ZE CUTE. I would totally wear these in a heartbeat! Oh, on second thought, I’m not really a fan of toe straps… (

I’m not sure if chevron print would work on everyone (my body included), but there’s no denying this Alice + Olivia dress is pretty gorgeous. (

Okay, so I’m going light on the fashion first. Off to other places where chevron is used!

First and foremost, I am so loving the color scheme – never thought pink and yellow would work this well! And while chevron fabrics would usually look so tacky and unrefined (personal opinion), it manages to deliver just the right amount of classiness here. (

When used and positioned well, chevron actually makes a good pattern for floors, as exemplified here. I’ve seen full chevron floors, which are fine, but I’ve also seen a strip of chevron on an otherwise bare floor that was equally stunning. LOVE YOU, PINTEREST! (

AND THIS IS THE GORGEOUSNESS. Gives you an idea if you want to paint your walls, but want to veer away from the usual color-blocks or stripes, for that matter. I love how colorful and loud the wall is, yet it manages not to clash too much with the other stuff (think white) in the room. (

Okay, that’s 6 for now! I’m feeling pretty lazy, and I’ve actually had this terrible flu for the past 2 days. When I say flu, it’s not just headaches and stuff – there’s that unexplainable random pain on certain joints, hammering migraine, and the ever-present desire to vomit your stomach out. I’ve been having medicines for two days, but only about half improvement is seen. Please do pray for me!


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