There’s More to It

Two-day absence, I know! Just came back from one of the more exhausting trips to Manila I’ve had, but this time was just me and my Jackie Chan-esque dad:

HAHA. Okay, I’ll stop. It doesn’t look like much at first sight, but ask me and any other person who’s known my dad and seen him a lot for quite some time: some angles of Jackie Chan are really him. I myself was startled at the resemblance while walking through the mall the other day and passing by the video shop. There was a poster for Karate Kid (I think the only movie where Dad kinda looks like Jackie) and I really, really thought to myself, “why’s my dad there?!” before feeling immensely proud that my dad looked like a superstar. Oh, a superstar that my mom happens to idolize. So you see why they got married…

And on a completely random note, all of Dad’s former high school students are being all supportive of this picture on Facebook. This is the time where your heart just swells because there’s still hope for the youth nowadays. HAHA!

By the way, Mom vehemently denies that they look similar. I don’t know if that’s a defense mechanism for the fact that she’s so immensely proud that my dad finally looks like a superstar. Haha! Today, one of my uncles gave me another still from Karate Kid featuring a different angle. I’ll get Dad to pose again for me one of these days. 😀

ANYWAY! Back to the exhausting Manila trip that we made at 4 in the morning and arrived from at 2 in the morning the next day. I only had a dentist appointment, which I had to wait for for 4 hours just because my mom likes me to be super early for dentist appointments. These are the times when you learn to appreciate 15-year-old issues of Reader’s Digest and an airline catalogue. Oh joy. The morning and half of the afternoon was spent with Dad in a medal shop, which would have made for gorgeous pictures IF ONLY I HAD BROUGHT MY CAMERA.

The irony I’ll be talking about here is, the guy had tons of orders from tons of different schools. Based on the number of years he has already been in the business, dude’s supposed to be at least pretty well-off by now. But no, the house isn’t even comfortable – it’s reminiscent of the squatter houses that got an upgrade with concrete, bricks and paint. While I was waiting, a shabbily-dressed guy even came in, and the guy’s wife forked over about P7000 to him. I’m assuming that it’s payment for a debt, but see what I mean? No matter how much money you make, with poor management comes the loss of all that money.

Now, I see quite a number of girls younger than I am who willingly fork over the majority of their cash – either their own or their parents’ – for stuff that are “trendy” and “cool”. While I love fashion and all those stuff myself, and do buy them for myself, it’s not everything. There’s more important stuff than getting the newest “it” bag or whatnot – although I understand how much of a daily struggle it is not to succumb to the temptation and pressures. Don’t wait until you become an Onyok Velasco (has-been Philippine boxer) or whoever. The guy won silver and gold medals from prestigious competitions around the world, and was being showered with money left and right. However, he didn’t know how to use it wisely, and in a few years was living among the poor before he took on the entertainment business in order to make a “comeback”.

God isn’t One who doesn’t give us what we need. However, God won’t give you extra if He sees that you can’t handle it. So Lord, I pray for Your wisdom and guidance for me every day, because knowing the facts isn’t enough. I need to fully internalize, everyday, that there’s more to life than money and success – and that I should be a good steward of everything You’ve given me.


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