Happy 18th Birthday, Mom!

Can you believe that even after 20 going on 21 years of existence, I’m still not sure about Mom’s age? At least I’m honest about mine. Haha! As long as she stays 18 in Dad’s eyes (awww), it’s all good. Anyway, she threw an intimate little food fest for us + the hard-working teachers and staff at school.

The best momma in the whole universe! There have been countless times where I prayed and wished for a different mother, but in the end, it wouldn’t be the best without you. LOVE YOU!

Not putting in the detailed food shots, because ze camera is just asking to be hated. PMS-ing Kodak, just you wait. JUST YOU WAIT!!

The predictable best-seller! Mom’s secret-recipe lechon kawali was out in a few minutes!

The requisite family picture – truth be told, I’m pretty wary of these, even though I love my family to bits. How does that happen?!

Here in our place, yema cake is still a pretty big deal. Not for those on a diet (like me) – but it’s undeniably good! Thanks to the Ng Tio’s for Mom’s gigantic cake. 😮

For a long time, I didn’t quite understand why you had to be the one to make pakain or provide food for other people to eat when it’s your birthday. I mean, you’re supposed to be the one being treated and pampered, right? However, one thing I learned from my parents is that while there’s nothing wrong with being on the receiving side during occasions like your birthday, as the Bible says, it’s more blessed to give than to receive. (Acts 20:35) In the end, there’s greater satisfaction in giving.


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