The Bible in a Year

I’m not an expert on reading the Bible, far from it. I don’t have any right to speak about quiet time, because I’m a struggling beginner at it. Just today, I had trouble getting up early enough to be able to finish my quiet time before work started. Now, I’m one chapter short of my daily goal.

Yes, Lord, you are patient with me – but I don’t want to abuse it like this. 15 minutes out of the 1,44o He gives us every day is enough. Maybe I should have this taped to my room wall just to remind myself about how much you give me, and how few I give you in return. šŸ˜¦ It’s so dastardly unfair for you, and yet where us humans would cry foul and make tampo, You never stop providing for me.

I finally caught up with my Bible readings today. (Getting the planner + Bible in a year chart plan a month late guarantees a lot of catching up in the first few months.) This year was the first year I started keeping a journal alongside my Bible reading, which is pretty awesome. Without journaling, there’s a tendency to breeze by the readings. But with the expectation that there’s something new to be learned each day, the Bible truly becomes another way Dad speaks to His daughter. šŸ™‚

If you read this, please continue praying for me and my walk with God. This year, it’s also my ultimate goal to finally be able to truly read His word from cover to cover. It’s definitely not an easy path, but it’s the most rewarding one. šŸ™‚


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