Cramming 601

So sure that you’ve heard of the “saying” “if cramming were a sport, I’d be a varsity player”. If that were true, I won’t be varsity level yet, but I’d have some pretty impressive credentials by now. Haha!

But you know what’s amazing about cramming? It’s that it remains the vicious cycle that it is. You know it’s gonna happen, and yet you don’t take steps to prevent it the next time any task comes around. Actually, with good habits and discipline, that cycle’s gonna disappear. So now, it’s mind over matter. Whoever said that the battle of the mind was easy? That’s what makes accomplishment sweet, methinks. 🙂

When news broke out that submission for the first draft of our thesis was bumped up to April 10, our whole batch went crazy. I even yelped once I saw the news, in front of my students. I’m sure that presented with a challenge like this, native Chinese students would complain to each other then work their butts off, but not us!

BEHOLD OUR BATCH! We can be united when we want to! :p Look at how we support each other!

And yeah, I’m not translating this anymore. 😀

So now, I have to get myself in the right mindset. I even broke my own record today! It’s a wonder how amazing even the tiniest amount of productivity can help you feel. However, we should never be content about feeling productive for the day, but be more alert about how this is shaping our mindset and attitude for future tasks to come. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the many anti-cramming lectures I’ve gotten, it’s that you don’t need to wait until something truly terrible happens before you change everything that’s wrong about you.

Back to work!


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