And It Just Gets Darker and Darker

Maybe I’m too accustomed to life in China (or our dormitory, at least) where brownouts or power outages are announced a day before so you could charge your batteries, get your supply of water, and everything else. But when the brownout in our city started today at 6am and stretched all the way until 7:30pm, needless to say, naloka ako!


It gets worse when you actually have work to do – say, Chinese class lessons, a practicum report, and a graduation thesis with only the first page accomplished. All in my computer, which obviously wouldn’t work because of the lack of power. RARRRR. I was so bored, I ended up devouring all the unread books in sight – Veronika Decides to Die by Paolo Coelho (I enjoyed this – will review at a later time) and a book about the cultural differences between Westerners and Chinese, one which I thoroughly enjoyed too because I could relate with almost everything written in it.

But I’ll be positive, and keep thinking that everything happens for a purpose that God only knows. 🙂 Maybe I’ll find out what that is on another day. Ciao!


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