Zymurgy Café & Lounge Lucena

Yes, Lucena girl strikes again. Haha!

We have been frequenting Zymurgy (at Bonfacio Street, Lucena City) ever since it opened years ago. So, it’s safe to say that I have a pretty good idea of how it was before and now. We’re guessing it’s due to the change in management (and cooks, even) that the food has been pretty up-and-down the past few years. However, we do have a few staples. 🙂

Zym, as we like to call it, is a quaint little coffee shop which I have seen expand into a lounge & restaurant. As we like telling our foreign visitors (who we love taking there because there’s no other good choice), coffee shops in the Philippines aren’t purely for coffee and cakes – we have full-blown rice dishes included! Haha!

Last night was because my aunt lost a friendly bet with my mom:

(clockwise from top left) Their house burger, the Burger Suisse, has been my favorite go-to every time I go to Zym, but lately the meat’s not up to par and there is something just off about it. So I’m moving on when I go back next time. :p Mom loves their spicy spareribs, and while she was ordering, she tried her humor as usual.

Waiter: Ilang stars po? (How many stars should the spiciness be?)

Mom: 3 stars. Tapos isang buwan at isang araw. (Then one moon and sun, please.)

Waiter: 3 stars tapos ano po? (Then what?) Dude didn’t get the joke. He had an OJT trainee standing behind him pa naman.

Mom: Sige, wag na lang. (Never mind.)

HAHAHA. Anyway!

My aunt tried their grilled quesadillas (also above), but it wasn’t cooked that well, and they simply did not justify the price. The fillings were too flimsy. 😐 The mozzarella & bacon rolls, however, didn’t disappoint. This is my absolute favorite out of everything in Zym, and the salsa is just so addicting.

I don’t know if you feel the same way as I do, but – do you ever notice how Pinoys have the habit of leaving the last piece of food? More popularly known as nagkakahiyaan pa, I don’t really know about the origins of that concept. But it’s amusing how much it picks on. 🙂

TASTE                     B

PRICE                     A-



SERVICE                  A


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