Red Rock Deli Potato Chips

When my mom first introduced me to this beauty, I was instantly skeptical:

After all, who puts lime and black pepper together? In my mind, it wasn’t the most savory combination. In fact, my first bite didn’t convince me to love it – but it did intrigue me enough to take another bite. Tangy and cool, it’s the intrigue that keeps you going, and before you know it, you’re hooked. I never thought I’d be using intrigue to describe potato chips, but that’s how love goes. :p

I’m not a professional food critic, so I’m not the best at describing. Just try it for yourself. 🙂

BTW my mom never buys stuff like this – very anti-potato chips of her! She bought it only because it was buy-one-take-one. O ha, very Chinese mama. Hahaha! As I type now, I’m craving for it again, but there haven’t been any buy-one-take-one deals in sight, so… le sigh.


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