Polish Wishlist

Ok, this may sound and look materialistic but IT’S NOT! Really. Just an honest, heartfelt declaration of love from a hopeless nail polish addict to the (usually darn expensive) ones on the market now. ❤ (All from my Pinterest Nails board)

1. OPI Bubble Bath

(nail polish swatch courtesy of another blog) True story: I watched Everyday Italian a lot during my college days, and then-nail-polish-neophyte me wasn’t looking at the food after a few episodes, but on the pretty nude polish on her nails. WHAT WAS THAT? I was really dying to know – it was the shade that, if some cruel entity were to ask me to choose only one nail polish shade to use for life, I would pick. Seriously. Pinterest then saved my life and identified that dream shade as Bubble Bath!
2. Sparitual Twilight
(photo from Temptalia) As much as I hate the movie of the same name, I think this shade is absolutely gorgeous. I used to hate shades with shimmer or sparkle in them (being such a matte loyalist), but with experience I’ve learned that a subtle dose goes a long way, and actually looks beautiful. Not to mention that I’m a fan of Sparitual and its formula & consistency, so – winner!
3. Butter London – Royal Navy
(from pshiiit.com, my newest favorite blog. But this I have to say, good thing I have a roomie who understands French! HAHA!) Tamang-tama because my navy blue color is running out! HAHAHA chos. Butter London is über expensive, maybe around $20 above a bottle if I’m not mistaken! Ohmaygash. For my millionaire days in the future instead, maybe? 😀 But seriously, isn’t it gorgeousness in a bottle?
4. OPI – unidentified glitter polish
 (from Pinterest) Here we are again with the unidentified! And I could go on about how I used to be a nail polish purist, only sticking to pure colors. But you seriously learn a lot from other people, and now I’m embracing ombré nails, two-toned hands and GLITTERRRR! Now I know why people love glitter, and I’m madly in love myself. 🙂
5. Vintage nails (nail art)
As I mentioned earlier, being a former color purist, I was so allergic to the phrase “nail art”. But this and a couple of other pictures changed my mind! Aren’t they gorgeoussss? ❤ Okay, this may be nail stickers but I don’t care. I WANT THEM.
5 for now – I actually have a whole lot of Butter London, Chanel and Essie in my wishlist but that’s for the future! Nail polish addict signing off…

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