When Money Is Always Enough

If there’s one thing you don’t always see about me on first glance, it’s that I love, love, LOVE buying things. Mainly for myself. (The weird thing is, I never get a first instinct for buying stuff for other people. Call that kuripot. BUT THIS IS BESIDE THE POINT!) From time to time, especially when I see a LOT of things I like, the nasty materialistic instinct kicks in, and suddenly, I have to have money for this and that.

Like this.

See? Even a Canon catalogue can make me want something! (FYI I was fine with the 60D hahaha)

So I was whining again to my dad about how I want to save up for this, but at the same time had already “committed” myself to save up for a brand-new Blackberry once I graduate and come home. A few weeks after that, it was actually decided that a MacBook would help me career-wise, believe it or not. Not to mention the gorgeous clothes and shoes that come out every week! Oh my gosh what is a girl to do?!

What my dad said after was weird, simply because I’ve thought about telling it to other people before. “It doesn’t matter what camera you use; if you know how to photograph well, the camera doesn’t matter. If you have a good camera like this, it doesn’t automatically guarantee you good photos.” Touché. Now why wasn’t I taking my own medicine?

After much reflection, I realized the same goes with other material things like gadgets and clothes and stuff. You don’t actually deserve them if you don’t know what actual purpose they have, what good to do with them. If you think of it that way, a lot suddenly don’t matter. Continue on that by thinking about the many classes of people who struggle just to get good food on the table every day, and it definitely becomes something that doesn’t matter.

And that, my friends, is when your money will always be enough. 🙂

So here’s to defeating materialism, each and every day. 🙂 I’m far from cured yet (haha) but God and the people around you are always there to help!


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