Korean Night

Last time I told you about how exhausting my days were starting to become. Yes, by the grace of God it’s good income, but sometimes you can’t help but feel the exhaustion. HOWEVER, I do realize I shouldn’t be complaining about blessings, and so I’ll write about them instead. :p


(Okay, my date was mixed up. This was on the 16th!)

Our newest 14-year-old import, Young Jun. He considers himself to be 15, though, because that’s how the Koreans roll – they believe that they’re a year old from birth or something like that. He’s the most maarte guy I’ve ever met in my life. He takes longer to prepare than a woman! However, what we really appreciate about him is that’s he’s extremely well-mannered and polite, unlike previous Koreans we’ve handled. I thank God that I finally had a behaved Korean student! Haha!

AND his English is good. 🙂 Oh di ba, dream for an English teacher like me! Haha! He’s been to England, France, South Africa, China, and Japan, just to name a few! Talk about well-traveled! Hahaha 😀

His mom stayed for a few days, and made (from top left to bottom) sushi, curry, and chapchae (glass noodles) for us. Of course, sushi was my favorite, but not being able to take out the cucumber out of courtesy meant that I didn’t enjoy it 100%. :p Mga 98%, pwede pa.

Newest family tradition – finishing off dinner with cold sparkling red wine. Actually, it started because mom wanted to make room in our wine collection – but I’m not complaining. :p

To be honest, I enjoyed our home-cooked Korean meal, but I can’t help but compare it with the Korean joint I frequent with friends in Guangzhou. Maybe it’s the lack of MSG. Haha!


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