Memory Lane – Water Parkin’

Have you ever been to a water park? Personally, I haven’t been to a lot in my life – in fact, I could count those times on one hand. The most memorable, though, would be the one I went to together with my class in Zhongshan, Guangzhou.

I didn’t bring a camera, and of course everywhere and everyone was wet, so there weren’t a lot of pictures of our watery adventure. However, this one was memorable, mostly because I took the plunge in the scariest ride of my life! The ride was one which plunged you and your partner down (they had two-seaters, and I was forced to take the front because K was obviously heavier) a very steep, scream-inducing slide, then threw you up into the air in an upward slide before throwing us back down into the safety pool. I swear, I knew how flying to heaven face-up felt like because of that ride. Strong palpitations followed as I only knew sheer fear at that time. It was so intense, I even had a nightmare about it when I slept that night!

Fear and palpitations aside, this experience (among the many others at the water park) taught me that we actually miss out on a lot because of fear. Sometimes, we are blessed by the fact that other people help, or more often force, us to take the plunge, where then we realize afterwards that it was so much fun. 🙂

Going back to Guangzhou for the last time in my student life this April, I have approximately four months to treasure time together with my class, a dynamic group of intelligent and down-to-earth, wickedly funny people. Sounds cliché, but I love my class. I’m glad I ended up with them. 🙂


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