Nom Nom, Bon Chon

This was my weekend rolled into one:

1. I got to see Yuri again! Always feels like a hundred years have passed since I last saw you. He got a picture of me but I didn’t. 😦

2. Highlight of the weekend: Chicken Bon Chon! I’ve been aware of the hype around this thing since day one of its opening, but my family & I just got to try it out yesterday.(photo from Pinoy Manila)

All I can say is, IT’S AMAZING! WHY DIDN’T WE TRY IT SOONER?! It’s as cheap as Jollibee but waaay better. I SWEAR. (There’s a reason for the all-caps. For some reason, I am so anti-people who love using all-caps all day cause they just don’t give a damn about life.)

We got their bulgogi, fish fillets in the hot flavor, bulgogi wraps (which was the only thing I didn’t try), and their Bon Chon chicken.

Behold their specialty, the Bon Chon chicken. We got this in the soy garlic version, and it is heaven for the tastebuds. Light and crispy skin, tender and flavorful meat, it’s something that my mouth never forgets that easily. Will definitely come back for it (and order extra rice while at it! Haha!)

Their fish fillet is cream dory on the inside, which as usual melts in the mouth. Didn’t get to eat much of this because they ordered this in the hot flavor, which is something not to be looked down upon. Haha!

We went to Megatrade at the 5th floor of Megamall, which I have only recently discovered is an excellent place to get bargains on anything they’re selling at the moment. This couple of weeks it’s been athletic wear, and I was so ready to buy a Reebok shirt for myself when we discovered at the counter that it was P100 more than how it was displayed. P100 is a small amount which we would have normally paid, but the thing here is the dishonesty. Somehow, no matter how cheap it was, the item was not worth buying any more. Tsk.

Good thing there were lots of Amazing Glaze to cheer us up. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much, Auntie Grace!


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