Chef’s Quarter – Megamall

Last Sunday (yes, super backlog) my parents took me and three other family friends to Chef’s Quarter for lunch at the Megamall Atrium. We almost got the buffet which was really, a deal for P595 (the unlimited salmon carpaccio made it hard to think clearly), but we just went ala carte in the end – which wasn’t a bad choice, either! 🙂

While the price point is neither cheap nor pricey, the food portions are more than enough to satisfy. My parents love their seafood paella (ohhh the fish in it is impeccable), and I got the solo fish & chips basket. Oh my gosh, it was so delicious. My parents didn’t like how melt-in-the-mouth the fish inside was, but I personally like my fish that way. The solo basket is good enough for two. 🙂

The star of the show: their panizza. Panizza is flat pizza with toppings on top (think of Yellow Cab’s Dear Darla, and you get the picture) which you then stuff with more goodies like tomatoes and alfalfa, after which you roll all of it together. Personally I don’t eat it right because 1) I wasn’t in the mood to mess up my hands and 2) I personally like it better when sliced and eaten. Weird, yes, but well. Okay. Their three-cheese panizza (which we got, above) is the BOMB! For someone who loves cheese and is obsessed with how little restaurants put it on nowadays, I was very, very satisfied. Cheese-loving me = happy.

After stuffing ourselves full, the family friends treated us naman to gelato at cara mia.

I haven’t had gelato so much in the past, to the point that I almost forgot how different it is from ice cream. I def needed this trip. 🙂

Rows of gelato = feast for the eyes. There’s a flavor for anyone, from mint to mango to sansrival to espresso (which I got). I found it a wee too sweet for my taste, but maybe that’s how gelato goes. And they have gelato cakes! Amazingness! After visiting these two adjacent eats, I wondered why we didn’t frequent this more often, being such suki (good ol’ customers) of Megamall.

Yes, I had a good weekend. 😀

P.S. photo template from Pugly Pixel. I love her! She makes Photoshop so easy. :p (cheat!)

P.P.S. WordPress tells me this is my 100th post! Yay!


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