La Beauté de Paris

Warning: blah-blahs ahead.

These few days have not been the best for me. Besides the pressure of a new albeit small job and final school requirements (aka thesis), I’ve had quite a lot of time in my hands, which meant a lot of time to think.

Let’s just say, my current situation isn’t ideal. I mean, I’m blessed, I really am, but reality is showing its ugly face more and more as the days come. I think this is what happens to every upcoming graduate: the uncertainty about the future. It’s harsh, but I mean at 20 going on 21, it’s about time.

And the future isn’t so ideal any more. I used to have grandiose ideals about the future and everything it holds for me – that I’d be making a lot of money and be happy every day and enjoy my day job and infect those people around me with hope and happiness. But then again, reality.

Then, I realize, it is during these kinds of times that we need God all the more. Because again, I am putting all my hopes and expectations on something that WILL disappoint me – the world. My focus was not right. So I went back to God. I’m not getting answers yet, but I do feel better now. 🙂

ANYWAY! To the main inspiration for this post!

As the locals like to say: Paréeeeee. The City of Love & Lights. Paris may be everyone else’s favorite city, but it remains my ultimate dream city. Cheesy moment alert: when will I have this moment of my own?


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