Mug Café Lucena

Now located at the Pacific Mall (Gaisano) in Lucena City, Mug Café used to be a quaint little place we regularly visited by the bayan (cityside) for coffee and snackeroos. Now revamped with a little more feeling to it, we took some visiting friends there and checked out what else was new with the place.

This last photo isn’t by me. I lifted it from the Mug Café Facebook page (o ha) at This was because, in my own fail moment, my camera died on me and I wasn’t able to take any more photos, especially of food. 😦

But I did enjoy my Choco Frost frappe. (Was it frost? Ohh here I go again.)

To summarize the place, the food wasn’t bad, and the atmosphere is good enough for a local café. HOWEVER, the service still had something to be desired. We went there for lunch around 1pm or so, where there was practically no one else; but our order took a whole 30 minutes or so before reaching our table – and that was only one dish. That really took it down a notch for me. Also, prices are quite high for a café/bar that isn’t quite there yet. Oh well.

Mug Café is now located at: Landco Plaza Pacific Mall M.L. Tagarao St. Brgy. 3, 4301 Lucena City, Philippines. You can contact them at (042) 660-4200.

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