Graceland Country Club

Or Graceland Estates & Country Club? Or Graceland Country Club & Estates? I HONESTLY CAN’T REMEMBER. Anyway!

*Okay, so I checked 😀 It’s Graceland Estates and Country Club!

I mentioned here about getting away with the fam for the long weekend + Chinese New Year. This was were we went! 🙂 It’s been years since I was last in Graceland (and that was when they were newly opened) so there were a lot of improvements all around which I really appreciated.

My model for the day, brother Dan 🙂 He does this pose every time he sees a camera!

I love our room! I love hotel/cottage/country club/whatever-else rooms in general, but there’s something about wide windows + billowing white curtains (in an area full of natural wind, of course) that makes me weak in the knees. Every time I see those curtains flying around and I’m just lounging around (like here), it makes me want to work harder for my future dream home. 🙂 Random, but that’s how it goes.

P.P.S. More info and pictures at their website,


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