Window to the Past

I wasn’t raised with the habit of having planners. For my family, if you have something to do, do it now, which puts planners completely out of the question and into the gift-others-for-Christmas bin. But as you grow up and discover who you are as a person, you discover stuff about yourself – like my forever being the procrastinator who gets things done under time and human pressure. Thus, the perfect person for a planner.

Thankfully, I started planner-ing during my second year at La Salle. And so as I was spring cleaning this vacation, I found them in one neglected pile (THANK GOD I DIDN’T THROW THEM AWAY!) and put them in their rightful, clean, organized place. But of course, I stopped to look and reminisce as well. 🙂

Excuse the blurry picture. As you can see, my 15-year-old self decided to tape a 2-year-old picture of me looking at giant pandesal with lust in the eyes. Go figure.

See how cheap Cerealicious was back then? I don’t even know if there are any more stores open today. Right: a list of my blockmates and their emails. I suddenly miss them. 😦 How they put up with my craziness and immaturity was actually admirable.

If you look closer at my Enrollment Assessment Form (right), you might just see our exorbitant tuition fees and get a heart attack. So, maybe not the best idea.

For the inexperienced out there (JOKING!), aside from serving its actual purpose of recording your to-do’s, planners also serve the double purpose of extra paper to doodle in in class. And the teacher wouldn’t know because s/he’s thinking that you’re actually writing down what she’s saying. 😀

Ahhh, memories.


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