Yeahhh. Break Time?

So I might not be posting much to One Photo A Day as I would’ve wanted to, just because circumstances worked out in their crazy way where I brought my Blackberry’s USB connector but didn’t bring my Blackberry, and then brought my camera but didn’t bring the USB connector. See? 😐

Anyway, I’m just going to use my mom’s phone (free from Sun Cellular, as usual). From what I can see, it’s a Nokia X2:

In green, of course, because my mom’s just crazy about green. Have you seen our house yet? 😀

It looks cool and all that, and the games inside actually stump me. But of course I’ll be exploiting its camera for this blog, and its maximum specs are 640*480. Yeah, your minimum size, but it’ll work. As long as there’s one photo a day, right? 🙂

I’ll be trying my best!


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