On the Street

This was supposed to be for yesterday (when we went out eating and shopping to celebrate the end of exams, YAY!) but I got lazy 😀 Anyway! Out on the streets of Guangzhou, we (randomly) have…A KFC ad featuring kitty cats. I am SUCH a cat person, but very much unfortunately, my mom can stand everything except cats. Oh well. Frustrated cat lover. </3Garlic baked/grilled/whatever-they-call-it rice at Saizeriya, which has been such a staple for cheap “Italian” food through our four years in Guangzhou, including this time!

Many people are disgusted by chicken feet, much less the idea of seeing it vacuumed in packs and stuff. Yeah, us too – but not anymore. 😀

One of the glorious things I (and a lot of other friends) discovered and came to love at Guangzhou – stinky tofu or 臭豆腐 (read about it in good ol’ Wikipedia). The smell is pungent, which scares a lot of people, but it’s actually really, really good! It’s won a lot of fans from my fellow ex-skeptics. Definitely a must-try when you come across anything like it in China. 🙂


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