Christmas Day! (And Ze Gifts :D)

It’s amazing how much joy Christmas Day can bring to everyone. Of course, we remember first of all that Christ died for us, and we wouldn’t be here without Him. So that’s the most important thing. 🙂

And these events aside, my dad called this afternoon and made me cry! “Independent” as one can be, 4 years without Christmas from your family is seriously missed.


1. Gift Wrapping & Giving – made so much more exciting by printable cards I got off the net! 🙂

2. Dec. 24 GFSU (Guangzhou Filipino Students Union) Christmas party. Any party with Filipinos is a sure blast! Photos from Janne (or does she prefer Chrystyl? :D)

Overflowing food and prizes = never absent from the Philippine Christmas parties!

Thank you for being such a good sport through the night even if you couldn’t understand anything. Haha!

Couldn’t have picked a better person to gift!

3. Everything behind-the-scenes and ZE GIFTS!!!

Couldn’t resist the makeup shots! Hahaha. Becca’s mineral primer = uh-may-zing!

A big pile of gifts. I LOVE GIVING GIFTS! Period.

Lesser gifts does not mean less fun! So grateful for what each person gave. So I’m going to skim over all of these…

Earliest Christmas gift from Ruby – guess which one!

Ikea mug (oooh lavender) from Jem and Hello Kitty chopsticks from a still-unidentified classmate! Come out wherever you are!

This one’s for you, Janine! I love how well-thought-out your gift was. Touched me immensely! (And yes, it’s nail polish. Haha!)

People dear to my heart, Sheena and Karine, actually bought stuff (without consulting each other, I assume) that allows me to officially give my makeup kit a makeover for 2012! YAY! I love your retro makeup bag and Sonia Kashuk makeup pouch! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

From a person I thought would give me anything but handmade for Christmas. Touched. 🙂

And throw in a vintage scarf for good measure!

Yes, this year’s holidays have been good as ever to me. Thank you, Lord! ❤


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