08AB Class “Jingle Bell” Party <3

As promised! (And yes, that’s Jingle Bell without the “s”. Thank our non-“s” uttering Laos classmates for that.)

I shot this! Heehee 😀 Asking them to do the “spicy face”! Laos and Indonesian food left all of us so red.

Enjoying our food!

One of the 20+ class awards of the night. All well-deserved! (L-R: Helen from Laos, Lvance from Hong Kong, moi!)

Worst class president EVERRR! Hahaha!

Atee (Thailand), my angel for the night! Such a story for this gift. I wanted this gift (so personal, right?) so bad, I openly talked about rigging the numbers in order to get it. On that night, I was so busy I forgot about my evil plan (hahaha) and STILL ended up getting this! Talk about serendipity.

My favorite part = class picture! Of course, we love doing the serious first… (serious can be hilarious, you know)

Tame wacky (spot me holding Atee’s giant red clock! :D)

WACKY! (Check out Lvance! Best faces ever!)

FULL ON CRAZY! Gosh, I love my class. ❤



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