Class Barbecue

In spite of everything that transpired (yeeees deep language) during the last 4 years, in spite of everything that has been said, I thank God that our class still manages to be this happy and united (albeit dysfunctional) family. To celebrate a late birthday and the onset of winter, an outdoor barbecue was definitely called for!

Getting the fire ready (L-R: Karine, Liza, Ling, Fahim, Tee)

Sheena and her Philippine barbeque.  YAY!  I had the most of these.

The Blackberry clan (L-R: Jerry, Ertha, moi, Mary)

With fellow Pinay, the oh-so-thin Mary

Jerry’s uber-adorable Blackberry case!

Trying on Aloun’s brand-new Ray-Ban 😀

…and the barbecue starts!

Day-to-night grilling

With matching Ikea candles!


Korean oppa’s followed a bit later

Group games never go wrong.

T’was a night to remember 🙂  Fellowship with friends who make you laugh nonstop is a precious thing to have.



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