October = Absence

For some reason, WordPress now can’t be opened using the normal China internet.  RAAAAR!  I know, “one photo a day” may have to be pushed back to a more convenient, internet-friendly time.  😦

Good thing is, there’s still a lot of new, downloadable shows to be watched during those absolutely lazy days spent in your dorm room.  So far, there’s season 5 of Gossip Girl, Nikita (I dabble more on popular fare :D) and the Korean series City Hunter (Lee Min Ho = HOTNESS).  But everyone has a guilty pleasure, and mines just happens to be: America’s Next Top Model.  :p

And it’s having an all-stars season!  And it brought my favorite back!  AAAAAH!  Okay, composure regained.

But seriously, I love Allison.  😀  She has more to her than those enormous eyes, which I LOVE by the way.



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