Closing Off September

Okay, so coupled with our super-not-cool Internet, I haven’t been able to update as much as previously planned. So until we get a steady and fast source of Internet, recaps are the way to go. This is how we ended our September – shopping on an empty wallet! HA. So broke-college-kid, I know.

The morning of Hongyao’s birthday (check out previous post), we went out to this Indonesian joint named Selera Indo to have some mouthwatering Indo food!

The amazing thing called gado-gado

I love food shots! So? :p

Look how much she loves it! 😀 Once I learn Photoshop, I’ll def blur out guys like that one on the back.

On our way to T Mall, we saw this:

Roughly, it translates to something like a wishing wall, where you can put your wishes and the other deepest desires of your heart in public, while remaining anonymous all throughout. So we knew someone who thought this would be a good idea!

We can only guess who the lucky guy was! 😉 (And yes, you are seeing tacky notes addressed to Super Junior. Geesh.)

And off to shopping we go! (Yes, those are two snickering guys in the background. But our faces were thicker than usual today. You’ll see why!)

Store-hopping = our expertise.

First stop: Zara

Having our failed model moment 😮

These navy booties were gorgeous, but the 950RMB (approx. 6500 pesos) price tag almost killed me! But seriously, there were a lot of amazing shoes on Zara that day:

Presenting… the sexiest pair of sequin heels on earth. Tried it on and fell in love.

Beauty heavennnn.

Still my dream fragrance. To the one who gives me this for Christmas, I shall love you forever!

Shopping goodies count = 0.   Onward!

After this, we switched malls and landed on Zara’s sister, Pull & Bear:

Next on my wish list: heeled booties.

I was not a fan of kitten heels but these are just so darn cute!

Love being taller than others. HAHA. Seriously, a comfortable pair of black platforms. (Shopping count = 0)

Yeah, boots & booties ’cause it’s almost fall-winter.

Come to momma, darlings!

And just in case you’re curious, we bought only a Burger King chicken burger and mineral water for the whole day. 😀



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