9.24.2011 Thailand Pavilion

Recently I was blessed with the chance to revisit Pazhou, the area in Guangzhou that hosts all kinds of trade fairs, like the Canton Fair, all year round. This time it was for the China-Thailand International Fair for Small Businesses.

I’m starting to love the place, I swear.

Passed by some more Chinese booths…


…and here we are!

Translator my head.  I can’t even get basic Thai right.

One of the things Thailand is famous for – fruit carving. Simply talented.

Didn’t get to take more pictures because by that time, we were busy eating and chatting away. Haha!

Passed by more stuff on the way out.

I was going to take a picture of the Malaysian booth when this guy wouldn’t go away. I bet I took up a significant amount of seconds on his videocam. Haha! 😀

Calligraphy painting of 4 words = 3,500 yuan (around 21,000 pesos). Worth it? 😮



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